Cultivating a Resilient Food System

In the Face of Climate Change

We all eat…

However climate change puts our food system at serious risk:
  • Agriculture is vulnerable to variable weather patterns.
  • Conventional agriculture is dependent on fossil fuels contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • An increased loss of biodiversity threatens our natural environments.
  • And there is an unequal access to affordable healthy foods.
Therefore, we must be resilient. 

Why Resilience?

To adapt to a changing world and ensure future food security, we must build resilient farms and food systems that work with nature and are able to recover quickly from variable weather and other disasters. 

By complementing sustainable principles, resilience ensures that we are able to care for our communities in the event of an unforeseen disturbance. 


Get Involved


Bringing the conversation to the dinner table, my blog explores the potential that food has to help us address climate change, build communities and heal the environment. 

From farming, and cooking, to visiting projects from around the world and DIY (do it yourself) projects, I invite you to join me in building a resilient food system.


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About Mika

Mika Navajas is a beginning farmer, sailor, environmentalist and DIY advocate. She is passionate about sustainable and regenerative farming practices, travel, DIY projects, cooking, the ocean and dogs!

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