Mika Navajas is a beginning farmer, sailor, environmentalist and DIY advocate. She is passionate about sustainable and regenerative farming practices, travel, DIY projects, cooking, the ocean and dogs.


I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with degrees in both Environmental and Community studies, emphasizing my academics on Food, Agriculture and Social Justice. For over a decade, I worked in the nonprofit sector, working with organizations that champion issues such as public health, diversity in higher education in STEM and organic farming research, policy and education. In addition to nonprofit management, I have also worked as an organic farmer. Having completed the Rogue Farm Corp. farmer training program in 2018, I have devoted much of my recent intrigue to regenerative land management practices and climate resilient farming techniques.

In addition to organic farming, I also have a passion for travelling, sailing, DIY projects, cooking, the ocean and dogs. When I’m not working on a project, harvesting veggies or taking a trip, I am likely hanging out with my dog Xochitl (so-CHEE) and cooking up a delicious organic meal to share with family and friends.

Regenerative Organic Farming

I am a passionate advocate of regenerative organic because it guarantees more than the absence of toxic chemicals. Combined with sustainable principles, regenerative organic farming has the potential to help us heal our planet from years of degradation. Small farms feed the world; therefore, we must support our local farmers and adapt to sustainable practices that withstand the variability of changing times.

Resilient Systems

In the face of climate change, I believe it is important that we work, not only to reduce our impact, but also, to adapt to the changes that we are beginning, and will continue, to see. A resilient food system, in the ever-changing-face of climate change, is important for the future of our communities. With food systems at risk and farmers left challenged, we must be looking to the principles of sustainability and tradition-long growing practices to promote working in coordination with nature.